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You Can Be A Part of Changing How America Gives

How many times have you wanted to support your favorite charity or cause but just didn’t have the extra time or money?  You know how good it feels to help others and you do it every chance you get.  Now you can support charities and causes when you shop on line.

The Program is called “Shop Thru The Heart” and here’s how it works:

When you Shop Thru The Heart and make purchases for yourself, your family, your business or work from one of the popular online stores, like  Best Buy, Wal-Mart, JC Penny. or other online outlets, you will generate donations from us to the many worthwhile organizations in the  Shopping Thru the Heart Program.

Your online shopping can change the world one purchase at a time!

That’s right, when you make on-line purchases using the stores in the Shop Thru The Heart Mall, a donation will be made to the selected charity or cause. And best of all, there is No Additional Cost to you or to the charitable organization you support.

Start Participating TODAY:  Bookmark this page to add The Heart to your favorites on your computer, tablet or smart phone for future shopping.

Anytime you shop on the internet for work or personal you just click The Heart.

  • Then, go to the SHOP page and pick your favorite store.

Shop Thru The Heart will receive commissions based on your purchases and will donate to the Charities we support or you can create a personal profile and select a specific cause for our donations.

Americans like you care and our Shop Thru the Heart program is being used nationwide by supporters in Corporations, Colleges, Military and Veteran’s organizations, Faith Based Groups, Local Municipalities, Foundations, Charities and Individual Causes.

There is no cost to purchasers or charitable organizations to participate in this program.

Shop today! Be a part of changing how America gives.

Price $1,500
Examples Donation $15
Price $50
Examples Donation $2
Price $150
Examples Donation $2
Price $200
Examples Donation $3
Price $800
Examples Donation $8