Shop Thru The Heart was created for the sole purpose of providing an on-going income stream for some of the over 1.3m non-profits and charitable organizations that need NEW sources of funding and supporters for their special programs and initiatives.

Many non-profit organizations (NPO’s) face the current harsh economy and the reality of diminishing funds from their traditional sources (foundations, grants, corporations, the government & philanthropists).  NPO’s encounter various problems trying to quickly adopt cutting-edge fundraising strategies and tools to attract and retain new sources of funds. 

Shop Thru The Heart internet shopping program is a unique charitable model and is specifically designed with giving in mind to create perpetual donations for charitable organizations and causes.

Currently thousands of corporations and more than 200 million consumers regularly purchase “on-line” products and services they use every day both at work and at home. Shop Thru The Heart shopping program offers internet shoppers the opportunity to shop with a purpose.

When you Shop Thru The Heart we will support with donations to your selected charity. There is no cost for this program to the purchaser/shopper, the charities or any supporters using this program.

America cares and our Shop Thru The Heart program is being used nationwide by supporters in Corporations, Colleges, Military & Veterans, Faith Based Groups, Local Municipalities, Foundations, Charities and Individual Causes. 

Be A Part Of  Changing How America Gives. . . Shop Today!