Roller Skating Association

Your Roller Skating Association encourages your participation in "Shop Thru The Heart". . .

Here's How It Works:  Every time your business makes on-line purchases using your Shop Thru The Heart program, earned commissions will be generated to support your RSA's business-building programs & events.  Best of all, there is NO COST to your business or your shoppers to use this program!

You will support the RSA whenever you "Shop Thru The Heart"

  • To purchase equipment & supplies for the daily operation of your roller skating business

  • To make travel arrangements for conventions, competitions & special events

  • To purchase promotional items & gifts

  • To purchase personal items for home, family & friends...and so much more!

Getting started is EASY as 1-2-3:


  2. Click on SHOP

  3. SAVE "THE HEART" to Your Favorites or Bookmarks in your toolbar for quick access to the Mall

 Always use "THE HEART" to make purchases on your "Shop Thru The Heart Mall"

REGISTER TODAY and start to "Purchase With A Purpose"

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